European Quadricycle

The Association

The EQUAL is the European association of manufacturers of quadricycles. We presently represent the key quadricycle manufacturers whose facilities are primarily based in France and Italy. The most well-known are : AIXAM, MICROCAR, LIGIER, JDM, CHATENET, CASALINI and BELLIER.

EQUAL primary aim is to promote and support an existing ownership of 340000 quadricycles throughout Europe. We also represent the promotion and concerns of our industry partners and independent quadricycle importers. EQUAL mobilizes a unique network of actors aiming at promoting a mode of transportation which is quite marginal but perfectly integrated in national as well as European legislation in terms of vehicle licensing and safety requirements.


We embody an exclusive market product and actively promote this unique mode of transport which we feel is perfectly integrated within existing European driving licence legislation. Quadricycles by their very nature have a well-proven safety record.

EQUAL, as the professional body responsible for all major European quadricycle manufacturers has always endeavored to co-operate with the public authorities so as to improve the quality of their offering through :

  • A working Partnership with the European Commission in order to advance production and overall quality standards.

  • Specific discussions with Government bodies in all European countries in order to develop better user training.